What is a security lock for roll-up door? Security locks 22/05/2020

What Is it a security lock for roll-up door?

Both in our home and in our business it is essential to have good security to avoid any type of theft or risks that harm us, for this reason, many of you decide to put a security padlock for roll-up door  to protect your property.

A door without security will be the first option of the & lsquo; owners of the alien & rsquo ;. A padlock or security device for roll-up door STARK-Sys It is one of the best physical weapons that we can find in the market to protect our business in a simple and economic way.

Padlocks STARK-Sys are devices compact design and of great robustness , made up of a head in which it is; located a latch Rotary "T" shape. They are driven by a high cylinder security with anti-drill protection located on the front of the device.


As a characteristic to highlight for its safety is the protection that surrounds said latch, with the dual purpose of protecting it against the action of the saw and effectively avoiding being able to rotate the anchor piece, fixed in the tube that is attached. ; embedded in the ground. & nbsp; We highlight that in STARK-Sys we have the ability to deliver our installed and assembled devices at the client's doors.

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